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We tend to associate sex toys with masturbation —you know, something you drag outta the bedside drawer whenever a flesh-and-blood partner isn't available. But whether it's a vibrator , dildo, butt plug , cock ring , or prostate massager —or all of the above—a sex toy can also work wonders for all kinds of partner sex. Couples in a sex rut might find a shiny, new toy brings excitement back to their bedrooms, and couples who are already adventurous might use a toy to explore even more avenues for gettin' it on. There are even remote-controlled sex toys that can help couples in long-distance relationships keep the flame alive from far away. Some people looking at you, men shy away from the idea of a couple's sex toy out of fear their partners will like it better than their own junk.

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Here's the deal with oral sex toys: While a wand or bullet can get the job done, typical vibes can't replicate the sucking sensation of a skilled human mouth. Devices that fall into the oral sex subset, however, are specifically designed to mimic the fine art of cunnilingus, and oh, do they succeed. Many oral sex toys use some kind of air-pulsing, sonic-wave technology, meaning they feel less like a typical vibe's buzz or rumble and more like an actual tongue licking your clitoris. Not to mention, these oral sex toys are typically quieter than your average vibrator. This technology, btw, also allows the waves to sink deeper into the soft tissue of your oh-so-sensitive clitoris. Translation: stronger, quicker orgasms.

Best clit sucker oral sex toy stimulators for your clitoris

Use these moves during foreplay—or make them the main event. What move is more likely to lead to an amazing O? Oral sex —receiving it, that is. Research bears this out. Here's How to Have Each.
We get it — sex toy shopping can def feel overwhelming sometimes. After all, there are so many kinds! Not to mention the differences in price, material, brand, and functionality.
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